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The Peru-Australia Association Inc. (PAAI), founded in May 2020, is the newest bi-national Multi-Purpose Social & Cultural organisation for Peru in Australia. A private, non-profit organization based in Sydney, it is dedicated to promoting social events, communication, education, sport & cultural exchange between Australia and Peru.

The Peru-Australia Association Inc. membership consists of leaders from a broad range of sectors including Investment, Banking, Mining & Energy, Agriculture, Law, Education, Sport, Art and Infrastructure.

The PAAI does not receive any government funding. It is supported by Corporate, Private companies and individual members and by sponsorships.


Between 2018 and 2020, a group of prominent Peruvians & Australian businessman and professional met in Sydney to create the first Peruvian-Australia Association and named the organisation the PAAI. It was officially incorporated on May 8th, 2020 as a domestic not-for-profit organisation. Its purposes are to promote general relations, to further appreciate the two national cultures, and to encourage friendship between citizens of the two countries.


- To further knowledge and appreciation of the history and culture of Peru and Australia.

- To encourage close, friendly relations between the citizens of these countries.
- To encourage and promote trade, commercial, education,  cultural, sports relations between Peru and Australia.

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